About Us

We are a full service adventure provider which prides itself in being able to take our clients to some of the most beautiful places on earth while working with only the best Bhutanese local guides well trained and certified from the Government by Tourism Council of Bhutan and staying in some of the most traditional Bhutanese architect made hidden hotels and resorts found anywhere in the world. We take your regular vacation or holidays and turn it into something completely unique and tailored just for you. We are able to design an adventure vacation based on where you would like to go, what you would like to do and places you would like to see in Bhutan. Whether it is an adventure where you can return to your Bhutanese traditional made accommodations afterwards to have a glass of local made wine called “Ara “ or an adventure where you leave luxury behind and live off of the land with Cypress Himalaya Tours & Treks you are sure to experience another side of life

Cypress Himalaya Tours & Treks is a Bhutan based inbound tour company or travel agency an adventure provider whose sole purpose is to take individuals, families and groups of all skill levels to the most fascinating and remote places in the world, while experiencing completely new and exciting adventure activities. We being a small a tour operator or a travel agent and we will never simply sign you up on a mass market tour or place you on a “packaged” trip. We customize your adventure based completely on where you want to go, what you want to do, and what you want to see. We have established local contacts within Bhutan that we work with very closely, which allows us to design an adventure specific to your needs and interests

We have worked hard to earn our reputation of being the best at designing high-end custom adventure vacations for travelers who expects something personalized and unique. We pride ourselves on offering our clients exactly what they want while thinking outside of the box to make their adventure exciting and memorable.

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