Bhutan Cultural Tours


Bhutan has a rich and proud history. Through the inculcation of Buddhist wisdom and values over thousands of years, Bhutan etched out a place of its own in a region rife with Imperial expansionism, first by the Tibetan state and then by the Chinese, British and Indian empires. Much of the success in maintaining its independence despite the limited nature of its defensive forces owes to the fact that Bhutan had a vibrant culture of its own which was distinctive from any other. Based on wisdom passed through centuries of its existence as an independent country, the proud and stoic Bhutanese people developed their unique language, customs, etiquette, dress and culinary flavors. Simple and yet vibrant at the same time, these elements ensured that the Bhutanese were a class apart from any of the competing parties at all times of their existence. The point of most interest today is the way in which the Bhutanese have been able to preserve and promote this age old way of life in this time of unitary modernization where the need for material advancement is fast dissolving the vast variety of cultures into tasteless homogeneity. Bhutan today has a living culture that pervades all aspects of life including governance. Therefore, travelling to Bhutan will afford visitors a chance to revisit their own past, and rejoice in its beauty and meaning.